Exchange Rate 2017年01月20日 04:20:12

100,000 NPR = 106,693 JPY / 100,000 JPY = 93,726.86 NPR

JPY/NPR = 0.93726    NPR/JPY = 1.06693     JPY/NPR = 0.93726    NPR/JPY = 1.06693     JPY/NPR = 0.93726    NPR/JPY = 1.06693     JPY/NPR = 0.93726    NPR/JPY = 1.06693     JPY/NPR = 0.93726    NPR/JPY = 1.06693    

Fee Table

  • The fee below applies only for "Pre-registration Remittance Service" to Nepal. If you have not applied it, please login and apply.
  • We offer only NPR remittance to Nepal.
  •  JPY Fee
    1 ~ 30,000 500JPY
    30,001 ~ 150,000 900JPY
    150,001 ~ 499,999 1,400JPY
    500,000 ~ 1,000,000 FREE
     NPR Fee
    1 ~ 28,118.05500JPY
    28,118.99 ~ 140,590.29900JPY
    140,591.22 ~ 468,633.361,400JPY
    468,634.30 ~ 937,268.61FREE

    Thank you for your interest to PayForex money transfer services. We are specialized to remit money to the beneficiary with the bank account. Now you can enjoy our reliable money transfer services. PayForex will protect 100% of your funds until the beneficiary receives the funds.
    Download the PayForex application form.

    How to remit money
    STEP 1 Open an account with Payforex
    STEP 2 Receive the "Transaction Password" (We will mail it to your registered address.)
    STEP 3 Apply for the "Pre-registration Remittance Service"
    STEP 4 Deposit to our bank account
    STEP 5 Beneficiary receives the funds.

    After you deposit, please take a photo of your receipt and send it to us from your registered email address.
    *It will shorten our processing time, meaning that your funds will be remitted without delay.
    (We only execute remittance with a deposit confirmation from the bank.)

    Please prepare the list below when you open PayForex account.
  • Residence card
  • Individual Number (My number) : It consists of 12 digits.
  • Your bank account information (It will be used if the fund is returned to us.)
  • The beneficiary bank account information
  • Remittances on HOLIDAYs
    The fund remitted to us during HOLIDAYs (Saturday, Sunday, & National Holidays or non-business day) will be transferred on the next business day giving you the best rate possible. The rates before Holiday or after Holiday will be compared, and the better rate will be applied to the customers.

    Simply register with your email address for both an individual and corporate account.
    Support in Japan
    Office support number:
    0120-808-774 (Toll-Free)

    SBL Remit Nepal
    Toll free, from anywhere in Nepal
    Anita Prasain( Person-in-charge ) :
    Sunam Thapa( Person-in-charge ) :
    Bank Details

    Japan Post Bank

    From ATM of
    Japan Post Bank
    Code No. 001002
    Acct. No. 513943
    クイーン ビー キャピタル (カ
    From other banks to
    Japan Post Bank
    Branch Name 019(ゼロイチキュウ)
    Account Type Touza(当座)
    Account No. 513943
    Account Name クイーン ビー キャピタル (カ

    See other banks for money deposit

    Limit Per Transaction

    1,000,000 JPY